Seeking Business-Minded Minority Scholars for Banking Careers

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M&T is banking on renewing a successful initiative with Rochester Institute of Technology to support the educational needs of minority students from our region interested in pursuing a degree in business and a career in banking.

Two students entering RITís College of Business in 2006 and 2007 will each receive a $6,000 scholarship and are assured summer employment and co-op opportunities at M&T Bank throughout the studentís undergraduate studies.

Since 2000, M&T Bank has partnered with RITís College of Business to promote the M&T Emerging Scholars Program. The program components includeófunding an endowed scholarship to support minority students, offering a summer work program where scholars gain practical experience within the M&T organization, and providing a mentoring program where scholars are paired with a member of the M&T team who can offer encouragement, support and advice.

ďM&T Bankís continued support represents a true partnership that extends far beyond the scholarship dollars,Ē states Wayne Morse, interim dean of RITís College of Business. ďThe mentoring and work experience aspects of the program will help students make valuable connections in the workplace and the community.Ē

Candidates for the M&T Emerging Scholars Program must be minority students from the Rochester-area. For more information, contact Adam Platzer in RITís College of Business at (585) 475-2354 by email at