RIT Student is a Witness to History

Follow RITNEWS on Twitter It is not very often that you get to play a part in historic events. Thanks to his determination, writing skills and nose for news John-Michael Stern has gotten just that opportunity. The sophomore in the department of communication at Rochester Institute of Technology is in the middle of his second cooperative education assignment with the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the Pennsylvania capital’s major daily newspaper. In that capacity, he spent the Fourth of July weekend covering the LIVE 8 Festival in Philadelphia interviewing artists and concertgoers while writing a series of articles on the festivities.

“It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful I was able to be a part it,” Stern notes. “LIVE 8’s goals were much loftier than your average rock concert and I tried to evoke that spirit and concern for your fellow man to my readers.”

Stern is working as a full time reporter for the Patriot-News through the summer and has also begun freelancing for several national publications; an article he wrote for American Fitness Magazine will appear this fall. He is confident that all of this experience at such a young age will make him more attractive to possible employers following graduation.

“I chose RIT because of the coop program and the work experience you receive here,” Stern says. “I wanted the opportunity to learn my craft in a real world setting and the opportunities I am receiving at the Patriot-News have made me a better reporter and only increased my passion for journalism.”

Professor Patrick Scanlon hopes Stern serves as a model for other students in the communication department and throughout the university. “John-Michael has put a tremendous amount of effort into using the skills he has learned here at RIT to work for him as a journalist,” Scanlon says. “He is the perfect example of how a student can utilize the opportunities offered here to gain professional credentials and real world experience while still learning in his field.”