RITís Signatures Magazine Holds Release Party and Gallery Opening, April 29

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A year of firsts for Rochester Institute of Technologyís student art-and-literary magazine, Signatures, includes international submissions, a multimedia Web magazine and a launch party at Gallery r to celebrate a job well done.

In what it hopes will be a recurring event, Signatures has received imaginative visual and written work from RITís American College of Management and Technology in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The work will be featured at the opening at Gallery r, in this yearís magazine and in the first edition of Signaturesí digital magazine. A combined release party and gallery opening will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 29, and will feature additional work from student artists and writers that made it into the magazine. Gallery r is located at 775 Park Ave.

With the support of Nancy Doubleday, professor of information technology at RIT, Signatures has decided to forego an in-magazine compact disk in favor of an on-line version of the magazine. This digital version will be called SignaturesOnline, and will feature a variety of videos, music and flash applications alongside highly rated student submissions that didnít make it into the magazine. The Web magazine will launch the same day as the release party and gallery opening.

Signatures is a student-run organization that produces an annual art and literary magazine that showcases student work from all over campus. For more information, log onto www.signaturesmag.com.