Science Fiction Author Kathleen Goonan Talks about Nanotechnology, Sept. 27

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Follow RITNEWS on Twitter Science fiction and fantasy literature play an important role in popular culture by shaping how people imagine and talk about the future.

Writer Kathleen Goonan will discuss the role of science fiction in science discourse in her talk, “Nanotechnology and the Body: A Convergence of Technology, Choices and Ethics,” at 2 p.m., Monday, Sept. 27, in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science Auditorium at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Queen City Jazz, the first novel in Goonan's series, the Nanotech Quartet, was a British Science Fiction Award finalist and a New York Times Notable Book of 1994. Mississippi Blues, Crescent City Blues and A Little Light Music complete the quartet.

Goonan's talk is part of the special topics in communication class, The Discourse of Nanotechnology and Social Change, led by Diane Hope, Kern Professor in Communications, and Paul Petersen, special assistant to the provost on nanotechnology and former dean of the College of Engineering. The class is the third in a pilot program funded by the National Science Foundation exploring nanotechnology, ethics and society.

“Goonan's quartet exemplifies the best of science fiction literature,” Hope says. “Her knowledge of real world developments in nanotechnology, her love of musical form and lyrical voice present a vivid imagining of what life could be like in both horrific and glorious possibilities."

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