M&T Bank Renews Scholars Program with RITís College of Business

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Local scholars assured summer employment and mentoring opportunities

M&T Bank has renewed a successful initiative with Rochester Institute of Technology to support the educational needs of some local business students.

Through a recent gift of $50,000, the bank has sustained its commitment to the M&T Scholars Program. Since 2000, the M&T Scholars Program has helped local students acquire a solid educational foundation while gaining the practical experience needed to succeed in the workplace and become community advocates.

As a result of the new funding, one student entering RITís College of Business in 2004 and 2005 will receive a scholarship and is assured summer employment and co-op opportunities at M&T Bank throughout the studentís undergraduate studies.

ďM&T continued support represents a true partnership that extends far beyond the scholarship dollars,Ē states Thomas Hopkins, dean of RITís College of Business. ďThe mentoring and work experience aspects of the program will help students make valuable connections in the workplace and the community.Ē

Two RIT students currently benefit from the M&T Scholars Program. Berta Rivera is a third-year international business student and Adam Sawyer is a finance major in his fourth year of study.

ďUpon graduation, M&T scholars will be prepared to compete anywhere in the world, although we hope many will choose to achieve their success right here in Rochester,Ē says Brian Hickey, president of M&T Bankís Rochester division.

Candidates for the M&T Scholars Program must be traditional minority students from the Rochester-area. For more information, contact Marty Burris in RITís College of Business at 585-475-2294 or mjb0864@rit.edu.