RIT Professor Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Follow RITNEWS on Twitter A professor at Rochester Institute of Technology is honored for his ongoing effort to improve business management techniques through technology.

Thomas Pray, chair of the decision science and MIS departments in RITís College of Business, is recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Simulation Gaming Association (NASAGA). The award was presented last month at the organizationís meeting in San Diego, Calif.

Pray is recognized for efforts to advance business simulation though his internationally acclaimed computer programs DECIDE and DECIDE II.

"Tomís programs provide a perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative rigor, which I find quite rare," says Matt Ritcher, past president of NASAGA. "Itís not too difficult for people to grasp, and they walk away from the experience with practical ideas on changing the way they manage their business."

DECIDE and DECIDE II have been used by nearly two dozen companies, including Kodak, Xerox and Harris RF Communications.

Through his research and writing, Pray has been focused on the design and development of computerized business simulation for the past 20 years. He has conducted numerous training seminars all over the world.

Pray lives in Pittsford, N.Y.