Survival: Holiday Office Party

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Nutrition expert offers tips on how to keep the fat off this holiday season

Rochester Institute of Technology nutrition expert Barbra Cerio-Iocco offers survival tips for holiday office-party season, just around the corner:
  • Save a few calories during the day so you can eat a little extra at the party. But don’t arrive overly hungry.
  • If you take a dish to pass, make it low in calories and fat so you’re assured of at least one low-cal item. Avoid high-fat foods.
  • Instead of "grazing," use a plate to better gauge how much you’re eating. Then, sit down with your plate-this will help with your awareness of how much you consume.
  • Socialize away from the food and keep talking—you will eat less.
  • Watch for hidden calories in drinks. Stick with a small glass of wine or a spritzer, club soda, low-cal soda or diet tonic.
  • Limit yourself to one serving of nuts, and then eat them one at a time.
  • Exercise the day of the party and the morning after.

    If your party is at a restaurant:

  • Don’t arrive hungry.
  • Avoid rolls and bread. If you must eat some, skip the spread.
  • Choose broiled, grilled or steamed entrées, such as fresh fish with lots of vegetables. Avoid sauces.
  • Eat half your entrée and take the rest home.
  • If you must have dessert, share it with someone.

    At home:

  • Drink lots of water-it will stave off hunger and quench your thirst.
  • For quick snacks, have healthy foods like low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit.
  • When baking holiday treats, to avoid the temptation of eating batter while baking, remind yourself that raw eggs will make you sick (they will). Immediately package treats for gifts and freeze the rest until needed.
  • Remember: everything in moderation and keep exercising.

    To speak with Professor Barbra Cerio-Iocco, contact Michael Saffran, senior news specialist, at (585) 475-5697 or