NTID's Marschark Earns Coveted Fay Award

Follow RITNEWS on Twitter Marc Marschark, a professor in the Department of Research at Rochester Institute of Technology's National Technical Institute for the Deaf, was recently recognized for his significant literary contributions to the field of deafness.

The Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf awarded Marschark the Edward Allen Fay Award, named for a long-time Gallaudet University professor who was editor of the American Annals of the Deaf for 50 years.

The founder and editor of the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Marschark has also published more than 100 articles and chapters, and written and edited nine books about deaf children's development and education. His most recent book, Educating Deaf Students: From Research to Practice (Oxford University Press, 2002), was written and published with colleagues Harry Lang and John Albertini, also of the NTID Department of Research.

Lang, author of A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell, won the Fay Award last year, as did NTID professor Gary Long in 1992.

Marschark earned his bachelors degree in psychology from Cornell University and his masters degree in cognitive psychology and his Ph.D. in psycholinguistics from the University of Western Ontario, in Ontario, Canada. He also serves as honorary professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in recognition of his contributions to teaching and research.

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