RIT Honors Professorís Research with Creatorís Award

Follow RITNEWS on Twitter Rochester Institute of Technology professor Thomas Gennett, a resident of the Town of Pittsford, recently won RITís second annual Creatorís Award, which goes to an outstanding innovator at RIT.

Gennett, chemistry professor and co-director of RITís Nanopower Research Labs in the College of Science, won the Instituteís second-ever Creatorís Award based on his groundbreaking work with carbon nanotubes. This technology may one day replace fossil fuels to power automobiles and spacecraft.

RITís Creatorís Award recognizes outstanding creative works by a member or group in the RIT community. The award-winning work, required to be part of RITís portfolio of intellectual property, must show inventiveness and the potential to be revolutionary, with an impact on students, community and society, and offer substantial long-term benefits. RITís Intellectual Property Policy committee chooses the winner based on careful scrutiny, analysis and works comparison.

Gennett, also a winner of an Intellectual Property Productivity Award, was recognized during an awards ceremony, the Inventorsí Dinner, held at the RIT Inn & Conference Center. The Inventorsí Dinner honors RIT students and faculty/staff members who have disclosed a creative work that RIT has begun the process of protecting through trademark, patent or copyright applications.