Environmental Management Assistance Offered to Small Firms

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Follow RITNEWS on Twitter Environmental liabilities in the workplace exist for all companies. Proactive environmental management, though desirable, can be costly.

Now, training and step-by-step guidance are available at no cost for six small- or medium-size companies that are interested in developing and implementing ISO14000-type environmental management systems at their Monroe County facilities.

These services are being offered by the Monroe Country Strategic Environmental Management Initiative (MCSEMI), a collaborative program of the Monroe County Health Department (MCHD), The IMC, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Increasingly, companies involved in international business are requiring their suppliers to have an environmental management system (EMS) in place. Large firms like Xerox, Kodak and major automobile manufacturers are mandating or giving preference to suppliers that have such systems.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency requires that a company have an EMS in place as a qualifying criterion for participating in any of its voluntary programs, and may provide relief from some regulatory fines for such companies. But, the cost of hiring a consultant for an EMS plan can be prohibitive for small- and medium-size companies.

Through this effort, MCSEMI offers a free program while aiming to create a network of peer advisors who will participate in training others in subsequent efforts. The program is delivered in a series of six to eight half-day on-site training onsite sessions, with ongoing support. Major funding for MCSEMI is provided by Empire State Development, MCHD and RIT. MCSEMI is also supported by Eastman Kodak Co.; Firth Rixson Monroe; NYS Department of Environmental Conservation -- Region 8 Office; Nixon Peabody, LLP; and Xerox Corp.

Companies will be selected on the basis of their environmental management needs and willingness to participate.

Interested companies should contact John Morelli at 475-7213 or jxmctp@rit.edu by Oct. 5.