Message from President Simone about arrest at RIT Inn & Conference Center

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A. Sue Weisler

RIT President Albert J. Simone

TO: RIT Community
FROM: Albert J. Simone, President
SUBJECT: RIT Inn & Conference Center arrest

As many of you know by now, an RIT student faces criminal charges for possession of firearms at the RIT Inn & Conference Center. Yesterday, an alert staff member of the RIT Inn & Conference Center on West Henrietta Road reported hearing a suspicious sound coming from inside a resident’s room. RIT Public Safety and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office were promptly notified and, after authorities discovered two unloaded and illegal firearms in the room, sheriff’s deputies arrested the room’s occupant—an RIT student—later in the day.

Although no live ammunition was found in either of the guns, investigators located ammunition inside the student’s vehicle, which was parked outside the RIT Inn & Conference Center.

The student is currently in the custody of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and has been suspended from RIT.

This incident is still under investigation. At this time, the motives of the student in custody are unclear, but there is no known connection to Monday’s horrific shootings at Virginia Tech. RIT Public Safety and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office investigators responded quickly to ensure the safety of all, including residents, staff and visitors at the RIT Inn & Conference Center, as well as all members of the RIT campus community and the larger community.

I want to commend investigators for their vigilance, as well as offer my praise to the employee of the RIT Inn & Conference Center for this alertness and proactive response. The employee, Rodney White, is the facilities supervisor at the Inn. Thank you Rodney, for your quick response and diligence.

As I stated earlier this week regarding the tragic events at Virginia Tech, regrettably such horrific acts can happen anywhere at any time. At RIT, we will continue to work hard to ensure a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty and staff. As yesterday’s incident at the RIT Inn & Conference Center reinforces, we all must remain vigilant.