RIT Professor Co-authors Guide to Introductory Robotics

New book provides basic instruction in robotic applications and construction

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A new book, co-written by Ferat Sahin, a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and resident of Henrietta, offers introductory instruction in robotics and robotic applications to assist students, teachers and researchers in creating and using their own robots.

Practical and Experimental Robotics takes a hands-on approach, utilizing inexpensive robotics kits, to provide detailed explorations of the construction, theory and experimentation surrounding a wide variety of robot types. Sahin notes that unlike most books in the field, his guide offers a complete set of robotic topics—from electronics to mechanics to computer interface and programming—allowing it to be utilized as a stand-alone source for beginners, hobbyists, or advanced learners.

“This book can assist people who are just starting out in the field, allowing them to build knowledge in robotics step by step from theory, through construction, operation and experimentation,” Sahin says. “But given the comprehensiveness, it can also be utilized by more advanced students as well as educators looking to create coursework in the field.”

Sahin, an associate professor in RIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and an expert in swarm robotics, co-authored the guide with Pushkin Kachroo, visiting associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Practical and Experimental Robotics is published by CRC Press and is available in most bookstores as well as for use as a textbook in high school and college classes. For more information on the book visit http://www.crcpress.co.uk.