Printing Industry Center at RIT Releases Research about Emerging Print Markets

Report covers the emerging markets of Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Russia

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A newly released research monograph from the Printing Industry Center at Rochester Institute of Technology shares data and insights on the status of five emerging print markets across the globe.

The monograph “Emerging Global Markets: A Five-Country Comparative Study” is co-authored by Stanley Widrick, senior associate dean of RIT’s E. Philip Saunders College of Business and Frank Cost, associate dean of RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and the author of The New Medium of Print. The report covers the emerging markets of Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Russia from the perspective of doing business in each country, and includes appendices about the state of the printing and publishing market within each country. An analysis of each country’s suitability for investment and market potential is also provided.

Key findings include:

  • In each of the countries studied, a new industry is coming into existence that is quite separate from the indigenous one. New printers have emerged that execute world-class projects for a global client base, producing deliverables that are on par with the rest of the world.

  • Newspaper readership trends in China and India are atypical of most developed economies. From the years 2000 to 2005, circulation steadily increased, as has consumer spending on newspapers, books, magazines and stationery.

  • China and India are the top markets for the printing industries. Russia, Mexico and Brazil will all likely have similar levels of gross domestic product and demand for printing. However, any specific printing firm or supplier can earn a healthy market share and profits in any of these countries.

The report is available for download as a PDF at under the 2006-2007 research heading.

About the Printing Industry Center at RIT

The Printing Industry Center is a joint program of RIT’s School of Print Media in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and RIT’s E. Philip Saunders College of Business, and was established in 2001 by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as one of the Sloan Industry Centers. The Center is dedicated to the study of major business environment influences in the printing industry brought on by new technologies and societal changes, creating a forum for printing companies and associations worldwide to access a neutral platform for the dissemination of knowledge, to share ideas, and to build the partnerships needed to sustain growth and profitability in a rapidly changing market. For more information, visit