New Book Enhances Education in Molecular Electronics

Offers comprehensive instruction in molecular devices, circuits and platforms

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A new book by Sergey Lyshevski, a professor of electrical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, offers advanced studies in molecular and biomolecular theories to assist students, instructors and researchers in developing advanced technologies in data and information processing, information technology and super high-performance computing.

Molecular Electronics, Circuits and Processing Platforms seeks to advance understanding of molecular and nanotechnologies for use in a host of science and engineering applications, including enabling enhanced memory and computer architecture and organization. Lyshevski notes that molecular devices, modules and systems are envisioned as an ultimate alternative for microelectronics in high-end applications. However, there are long-standing fundamental problems in engineering and synthesis of molecular devices. Researchers, faculty and students may require advanced coverage in nanotechnology theory to address these various issues, from fundamental theory to proof-of-concept validation, applied research and implementation.

“Education in electrical engineering, computer science and microsystems is embracing nanoscale engineering and science, and instruction in these areas will be essential to helping students gain the knowledge they will need in their future professional endeavors,” says Vincent Amuso, chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering at RIT.

“Molecular technology is envisioned to become a cornerstone theme of modern electronics, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, neuroscience and other life science disciplines,” adds Lyshevski.

“With this book, I hope to provide researchers and students with needed information concerning the theory and design of molecular devices, circuits and platforms, thereby enhancing molecular and nanotechnology education.”

Lyshevski is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in nanotechnology and has published four books and more than 30 papers on the topic. Molecular Electronics, Circuits and Processing Platforms is published by CRC Press and is available in most bookstores as well as for use as a textbook in college classes.