RIT Marketing Specialist Publishes Novel on Lulu.com

Minus the Imple is Robert Chandler’s first full-length publication

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Love and loss, faith and redemption, and the search for one’s own identity stretch across the pages of Robert Chandler’s first novel Minus the Imple (Lulu.com). At the heart of Chandler’s story lies the notion of the human soul as one of life’s universal mysteries.

Minus the Imple traces the life of a humble man from early childhood to the present day, and recounts the recurring inexplicable phenomena that punctuate his experiences. Chandler, a marketing communications specialist at RIT’s Wallace Library, describes his largely autobiographical novel as a “fictionalized true story” inspired by a random incident that occurred in 2002.

Minus the Imple (268 pages; ISBN# 978-0-6151-9772-2; Lulu.com ID #2035657) is available through Lulu at www.lulu.com/content/2035657, as well as through online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble @ RIT added Chandler’s novel to its section promoting work by RIT authors. The book is also currently on the shelves at the Brighton Memorial Library and at RIT’s Wallace Library.

“I saw my book on the shelf at Brighton Memorial Library, and it should soon show up in about four additional public libraries, once they process it,” Chandler says. “Seeing the actual book on the shelf in the ‘New Fiction’ area was exciting.”

For more information, contact Chandler at (585) 402-0376 or at mrdizz@rochester.rr.com.