RIT Adds Bachelor of Science in Philosophy

New degree designed with double major-option

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Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Liberal Arts has added a Bachelor of Science degree in philosophy to its expanding undergraduate portfolio.

Philosophy at RIT has always been popular among students, who quickly fill all available courses, notes David Suits, a professor in the department since 1977.

Students enrolling in the program will specialize in an area of interest within philosophy and in a separate discipline of their choice outside of the department. Philosophical areas of specialization include cognitive science, science and technology, applied ethics, social sciences and political philosophy, and art and aesthetics. Graduating seniors will demonstrate their competence by writing a thesis integrating philosophy with a field of application.

“The new degree program in philosophy will offer students at RIT an opportunity to graduate not only with a technical degree, but also with one in the humanities,” says Brian Schroeder, chair of RIT’s Department of Philosophy. “Since philosophy emphasizes critical thinking and writing, it will advantage students with the extra edge in the business world, which an increasing number of employers say they are looking for. We designed the new degree program not only with an eye to specializing in certain areas, but also with the option of double-majoring as a priority.”

The discipline of philosophy trains students to think clearly and deeply, to identify and examine underlying principles and to argue from diverse perspectives. This training will give students a competitive edge for pursuing further graduate and professional education.

“We’re in the business of teaching clear and deep reasoning,” Suits says. “We expect the majority of our students will probably not go on to study philosophy at the graduate level. But they will take philosophy skills with them wherever they go.”

For more information, visit www.rit.edu/cla/philosophy/PhilMajor.html.