Richard Rosenbaum Gives Inside Look at 40 Years of GOP Politics in Book

Former New York State Republican leader has been part of GOP conventions since 1968

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Richard Rosenbaum (, a central figure in Republican politics in New York and nationally for decades, offers firsthand insights to behind-the-scenes events that have been the backbone of history the past half century in his new book: No Room for Democracy: The Triumph of Ego Over Common Sense, published by RIT Press.

Beginning with a foreword by Henry A. Kissinger, No Room For Democracy walks readers through Rosenbaum’s unique life—which started in 1931 as a Jewish boy growing up in a predominately gentile community and suffering from the rare disease alopecia (the premature loss of hair). The book takes readers through Rosenbaum’s time as a college boxing star to Nelson Rockefeller’s right hand man and an integral part of the Republican Party nationally.

Rosenbaum will host a book signing at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, Barnes & Noble, 3349 Monroe Ave., Rochester, N.Y.

No Room For Democracy puts readers front and center of key events in our nation’s modern political history – events that Rosenbaum both witnessed and affected:

  • The campaign he successfully orchestrated to have Nelson Rockefeller named Gerald Ford’s Vice President after Spiro Agnew’s disgraceful resignation preceded Richard Nixon’s from the presidency. When Ford replaced Nixon as President and had to appoint a new VP, George H.W. Bush was actively pursuing the job. Many insiders were surprised when he did not get it – and credited Rosenbaum for the coup.
  • The story behind the $35,000 mink lined bed, designed by artist Max Ernst, which Rockefeller had installed in the Vice President’s residence.
  • His behind-the-scenes campaign to deny Ronald Reagan the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 and gain the nomination for Gerald Ford.
  • How his dominance of the New York state Republican Party and alliance with Rockefeller launched him into a powerful position on the national stage, earning Rosenbaum the nickname “Iron Chancellor.”

Henry A. Kissinger says of No Room For Democracy, “As Dick’s personal story unfolds, we also see the reshaping of American politics, as a tide of conservatism washes over the liberal wing of the Republican Party. We follow him through serious issues of governance to incidents that are uproariously funny. We feel the adrenalin rush that comes from a tough political battle, and the quieter problems of facing personal adversity. Dick Rosenbaum’s enormous energy, hearty laugh, and shiny baldpate made him a presence known to thousands in political circles across the country. His rise from humble beginnings, overcoming personal challenges and prejudice to become the ultimate political insider is a story as lively as the man. A keen analyst of the political process, no one better understands the workings of government and the minds of those attracted to it. No Room For Democracy is a plum pudding of fascinating stories, financiers and high-fliers, spiced here and there with high jinks and chicanery.”

No Room for Democracy: The Triumph of Ego Over Common Sense is available on and, and will be sold widely in bookstores beginning in September.

Rosenbaum’s Career Highlights:

  • Chairman, New York Republican State Committee, January 1, 1973, to June 1977
  • Candidate for Governor of New York State, 1994
  • Member, Republican National Committee, May 1977 – April 1988
  • Delegate-at-Large to the Republican National Convention 1976; 1980; 1984; and 1988
  • Delegate, Republican National Convention, 1968
  • Chairman, New York State Delegation to the Republican National Convention, 1976
  • Justice, Supreme Court of New York State, appointed by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, March 1970; elected to full fourteen-year term November 1970; at age 39, was one of the youngest Justices to be elected to the Supreme Court.
  • Chairman, Monroe County Republican Committee, 1968-70
  • Former member, Rockefeller Center Board of Directors
  • Chairman, New York State Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board, appointed by Governor George Pataki, August 1998 – July 2006.
  • Counsel to the Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors member, and Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Integrated Resources, Inc. listed on the NY Stock Exchange, July 1984 - April 1988.
  • Member and Assistant Majority Leader, Monroe County Legislature, 1966-68
  • Senior Counsel - Nixon Peabody LLP, attorneys, 2006-present.

Educational background:

  • Cornell Law School, Ithaca, NY, 1955
  • Hobart College, Geneva, NY, 1952; varsity football and lacrosse player; Heavyweight boxing champion

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