RIT Offers ‘Voting Bus’ to Take Students to the Polls on Election Day

Bus is offered to encourage students to make their voices heard in the electoral process

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Rochester Institute of Technology is making a bus available to students who wish to vote on Election Day. The “RIT Voting Bus” will pick up students at three on-campus locations and transport them to their polling place, which is located at 825 John St.

RIT has been encouraging students to register to vote for the past month and, according to Phyllis Walker, assistant director of RIT’s Leadership Institute and Community Service Center, a record number of students have registered this year. Now RIT wants to help get them to the polls.

“We’ve been stressing to the students how important it is to get involved and vote,” Walker says. “I’ve been telling them that if enough students decided to vote, they could really have an impact on the way our government operates.”

The bus will begin operating at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4. It will pick up students in front of RIT’s Student Alumni Union, The Café & Market at the Crossroads (west side of campus) and Grace Watson Hall (east side of campus). The bus will run continuously until the polls close.