RIT School of Print Media Releases Publication Featuring Collaborative Research

Student, faculty and staff research highlights printing process control and color management

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Collaborative research projects at Rochester Institute of Technology exploring the use of scientific methods for color imaging and process control are among the topics in the latest edition of Test Targets 8.0, published by RIT’s School of Print Media.

Students, faculty and staff from RIT’s School of Print Media submit research papers for the annual publication. Articles include ink trapping of spot colors, prediction of spot color overprint and performance evaluation of device link profiles. Test Targets 8.0 also describes a number of test forms used to determine neutrality, total area coverage and color characterization.

The “Gallery of Visual Interest” section of the publication demonstrates the use of red, green and blue spot color inks in pictorial color image reproductions. Many color images, including the cover, are reproduced using the MetalFX system (CMYK plus silver ink).

In addition to research and content creation, collaborators also perform pre-media, prepress and printing tasks using facilities at the School of Print Media and RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory. In 2008, the production of the publication was sponsored by the Printing Industry Center at RIT (http://print.rit.edu) as part of its 2008-2009 research agenda.

Test Targets 8.0 is available as a PDF free of charge at http://cias.rit.edu/~gravure/tt/

Hard copies of the publication may be purchased for $24.95 from RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press at http://carypress.rit.edu. Profits from the sale of the publication are donated to RIT’s School of Print Media scholarship fund.