Human Resource Development students gain hands-on experience with talent management technology

Latest human resource technology incorporated into graduate course

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Students in the RIT human resource development master’s degree program are using Halogen Software this quarter as part of the graduate program’s innovative Leveraging Technology course. The company provided the software for the quarter to provide students with hands-on experience with talent management technology, a comprehensive system of databases to track and manage human resource functions. Students utilized automated programs for annual appraisals, compensation adjustments, employee development and succession planning.

“Today’s and tomorrow’s HR leaders need a firm grasp of technologies that support and transform the HR function,” says Steve Boese adjunct instructor, in the RIT human resource development program. The Leveraging Technology course covers a wide variety of technology relevant to HR professionals with a specific focus on talent management systems and collaboration/social software.

“The Halogen suite has been incredibly easy to set up in our classroom environment and is proving invaluable,” says Boese. “When students want to apply concepts like goal alignment, pay-for-performance, or talent pools, I can show them how to implement the processes within the system. It makes for more a meaningful experience and better prepared HR professionals in the long term.”