RIT Offers New Certification Program in Lean Manufacturing

Training sessions focus on reducing cost and increasing efficiency of business processes

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Rochester Institute of Technology is offering a new certification program for area businesses, providing training and workplace design assistance in the area of lean manufacturing. The program seeks to reduce costs and waste associated with manufacturing and business operations while also enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

The program, offered through RIT’s Center for Excellence in Lean Enterprise, begins its first round of classes Jan. 12. The two-month certification process includes once-a-week coursework in value stream mapping, workplace organization and root cause analysis. Participants also learn how to implement lean-based designs directly into their business operations.

“Lean manufacturing provides a new way of thinking and the tools to transform operations accordingly,” notes Grant Osman, business development manager for the center. “Our program seeks to assist business managers, production supervisors and line workers in devising new processes that reduce waste, improve teamwork and increase competitiveness.”

Lean manufacturing developed out of the Toyota Production System and has been implemented in a host of industries, including manufacturing, medical and retail, to reduce system costs and provide more value to customers.

For more information about the RIT lean certification program, including a calendar of events and program costs, visit http://www.training.rit.edu/programs.aspx.