RIT ‘Greeks’ Will Attempt 23-Mile Bed Push For Charity

Money raised will be donated to American Diabetes Association

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Rochester Institute of Technology’s Triangle Fraternity will put their “bed heads” to the test as they attempt to push a student-designed and custom-engineered bed 23 miles from the RIT campus to Geneseo. The sixth annual Bed Push event begins at 10 a.m. May 1, on the west side of campus (near fraternity residences) and heads south on East River Road.

“The Bed Push is our largest annual philanthropy and we hope to raise upwards of $2,000 this year,” says fraternity member Henry Woltag. “All of our members look forward to this event; it’s a great time, and raises money for a very worthy cause. If people wish to make a donation online, they can visit our website at trianglerit.net/donate.”

Bed Push is sponsored by RIT’s brothers of Triangle and sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

For more information about Bed Push, contact Woltag at hsw7863@rit.edu.