Soul and Form

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Editors: Jack Sanders and Katie Terezakis (College of Liberal Arts)

Engaging Agnes Heller
Editor: Katie Terezakis

RIT scholars Jack Sanders and Katie Terezakis celebrate the Budapest School of philosophy, a group of thinkers whose work exerts a major influence on contemporary philosophical, sociological and political thought. Soul and Form is the centennial edition of the first book by György Lukács, the founder of the Budapest School and a leading Marxist theorist and cultural critic. Sanders and Terezakis have added critical essays to this edition. In Engaging Agnes Heller, Terezakis presents essays by scholars on the work of Heller, the leading thinker of the Budapest School after Lukács, and an active philosopher who teaches in Europe and the Americas. Both books examine key insights of the Budapest School and pursue its impact on contemporary thought, politics and culture.