RIT Launches Survey in its First Phase of Developing Certification Services for Printers

Survey currently available, results to determine extent that printers conform to printing standards

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In the first phase of its plan to develop and offer process audits and certification services to North American printers, Rochester Institute of Technology has launched a Web-based survey to determine to what extent printers conform to well-defined printing standards. Industry leaders have urged RIT to become a certification body in North America because of the void in the area of standards and process conformance.

Participants will take an online survey, download test forms, conduct a press run and submit printed sheets to RIT for a free “check-up.” The online survey is available until May 31. For the press sheet free “check-up,” the deadline is June 30. To take the survey, download the test form for the free conformance “check-up” and learn more about the printing standards audit, visit www.printlab.rit.edu/psa.

Upon color measurement and analysis, RIT will offer feedback to the participant, similar to a medical lab report, in terms of value, aim point and tolerances. Once survey results are compiled, RIT will present its general findings (no specific company and scores will be mentioned) to the Printing Industry Center partners at its annual meeting in November.

In the second phase, RIT will partner with IDEAlliance, consult with auditing bodies in Europe and work with printing experts in the ISO/TC130 committee to develop process audit and certification services protocols that reflect the best practice for all. RIT will also offer public seminars to train companies about the importance of printing standards, methods and tools that are needed to achieve conformance.