RIT Filmmakers Present Their Work at 360 | 365 George Eastman House Film Festival

School of Film and Animation students to screen films at Little Theatre May 9

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A screen shot from the animated film Deep Fishing. It’s one of the student films to be shown Sunday at the 360 | 365 George Eastman House Film Festival.

Women student filmmakers from Rochester Institute of Technology will show their films at the inaugural 360 | 365 George Eastman House Film Festival, hosted in Rochester, that grew out of the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival. 360 | 365 has expanded the range of films, but like its predecessor, is committed to film programming that celebrates the achievements of women in all roles of filmmaking.

The students’ films will be shown at 1 p.m. May 9 at the Little Theatre, 240 East Ave., Rochester. The films are animation and live-action works that range from documentaries to fictional to experimental.

The following is the list of students and their films to be featured as part of the program called “RIT Student Shorts: Women of SOFA”:

    Gayane Bagdasryan, encore, encore, encore: With a slavish addiction to taking photographs, a man trades his perspectives on the world for the limited view through the camera lens.

    Lindsay Berkebile, Life by the Sevens: An experimental film delving into the mindset and struggles in a life with anorexia nervosa.

    Elizabeth Cardella, Projectile Motion: A typical high school gym class experience, with a jazzy twist. Inspirations from West Side Story and physics class collide in this short animation.

    Laura Crombe, Night Light: A poetic interpretation of the distortions our minds go through as we experience fear.

    Riannon Delanoy, Deep Fishing: When a strange creature goes fishing, he finds an unlikely friend.

    Noelle Evans, It Went Like This: A chaotic exploration of a child’s uncanny existence when thrown into a material, furniture driven, adult world.

    Melisande Fritzsche, Flow: Inspired by Smetana’s symphonic poem Vltava (The Moldau) and the life Fritzsche has shared with her father, Flow explores the variations of relationships and tones that occur throughout life.

    Alice Goldfuss, Bigotry Goes Both Ways: A man’s relationship is called into question by his peers in this promotional spot for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City.

    Zeeone Kang, There is a Frozen Land: A poetic documentary that examines the feelings that South Koreans have toward neighboring North Korea.

    Amy Kawabata, Strata: Two mirror worlds reflect each other in unexpected ways, learning from each other despite their differences.

    TzuHui Lin, Grandpa?! Produced and shot in Taiwan, Grandpa?! tells the story of a traditional Taiwanese family recovering from the death of its patriarch. Certain family relationships come to the forefront, demanding attention.

    Samantha Pyra, Untitled: In this experimental work, the materialization of form and movement is expressed through the compositions and choreography of abstract images in a unique space.

    For more information about 360 | 365, visit http://film360365.com.