Faculty earn trustee scholarship awards for research endeavors

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Joseph Hornak

The Education Committee of RIT’s Board of Trustees selected Joseph Hornak from the College of Science, Marc Marschark from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Jamie Winebrake from the College of Liberal Arts, as the 2010 recipients of the Trustee Scholarship Award. The award, established in 2005, is the premier RIT recognition for faculty contributions to scholarship, research and creative work.

Joseph Hornak received his doctorate from the University of Notre Dame and is a professor of chemistry, imaging science, and materials science and engineering. He is the director of RIT’s Magnetic Resonance Laboratory and editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Imaging Science and Technology. He is also an adjunct associate professor of radiology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. His area of specialization is magnetic resonance, specifically imaging, spectroscopy, spin relaxation and diffusion.

He holds two patents in the area of magnetic resonance imaging and has contributed to books, research publications and educational software. He is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi national honor society, the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, the Rochester chapter of Sigma Xi, the Groupement Atomes et Molécules Par Études Radio-Électriques, and the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society.

Marc Marschark, a professor at National Technical Institute for the Deaf, directs the Center for Education Research Partnerships. He also is a professor in the Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh and the School of Psychology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Active in research concerning deaf individuals since the 1980s, his primary interest lies in relations among language, learning and development. His current research focuses on language comprehension and learning by deaf children and adults in formal and informal educational settings. Marschark serves in an advisory capacity to several schools for the deaf. He has written and edited 19 books about learning, education and deaf children’s development and published more than 100 articles and chapters. He founded and edits the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education and co-edits two book series, Perspectives on Deafness and Professional Perspectives on Deafness: Evidence and Applications, all three published by Oxford University Press. 

Jamie Winebrake, professor and chair of the Department of Science, Technology and Society/Public Policy, is a national expert in transportation and energy policy and conducts research to determine the environmental impacts of transportation and energy use in society. He has served on numerous national and international advisory committees, including the International Maritime Organization’s Expert Work Group on Emissions from Global Shipping and the National Research Council’s Committee on an Assessment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Medium- and Heavy-duty Vehicles.

Winebrake is also co-director of the Lab for Environmental Computing and Decision Making at RIT and director of the University-National Park Energy Partnership Program, a National Parks Service initiative designed to enhance the use of alternative energy technologies at parks throughout the United States. He is the author of two books, Alternative Energy Reference Book and Dynamic Modeling of Environmental Systems and numerous articles on transportation, energy and the environment. 

He is currently researching emissions from marine transportation, global climate change reduction policy, alternative fuel vehicles and sustainable transportation and has received grants from the National Science Foundation, the Great Lake Maritimes Research Institute and the California Air Resources Board. Winebrake earned his doctorate in energy management and policy from the University of Pennsylvania.