RIT-Rochester General Health System Alliance proposes plan for Institute of Health Sciences

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The proposed collaborative Institute would encompass three key areas: research programs, community collaboration and outreach programs, and a School of Health Science programs

The RIT-Rochester General Health System Alliance has developed a concept to create an Institute of Health Sciences.

Proposed by the alliance’s Joint Affiliation Committee, the institute would encompass research programs, community collaborations and outreach, and a School of Health Sciences.

“By leveraging the collective resources of RIT and RGHS, this institute will prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals by providing innovative educational and clinical learning experiences, with a strong background in research and discovery and the application of evidence-based practices in community health,” says Jeremy Haefner, RIT provost and senior vice president for academic affairs and co-chair of the joint steering committee. “We expect to be significant players for National Institutes of Health grants because of its creation.”

The institute is in the early concept stages. A complete proposal will be developed and vetted with the campus in the fall.

“Our vision for this Institute is to be recognized as a national resource and model for the education of health care professionals who are uniquely prepared to transform the quality, safety and affordability of patient-centered health care delivery,” says Cindee Gray, managing director of the RIT-RGHS alliance.

Since its formation in 2008, the alliance has collaborative initiatives in numerous areas including: physician assistant, medical imaging, biomedical photographic communications, engineering and medical informatics. To learn more about the alliance, visit www.rit.edu/rghs.