Students from Korean University participate in manufacturing internship

Hands-on workshops in polymers, packaging and microelectronics slated during two-week study at RIT

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A. Sue Weisler

Professor Warren Koontz explains different connections to optical and electrical equipment to students from the Korean University of Technology. The students spent two weeks at labs such as the Telecommunications Systems Laboratory participating in workshops about electronics and manufacturing systems.

Undergraduate students from the Korean University of Technology and Education are participating in an intensive two-week Electronics and Manufacturing Systems Summer Internship program Aug. 9–20 at RIT. The internship program combines workshops in electronics manufacturing, plastics processing and microelectronics with industry visits to local companies such as Eastman Kodak, SurmoTech Corp. and Infotonics Technology Center.

The internship program is sponsored by the Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly at RIT’s College of Applied Science and Technology. The center is an academic research lab and training facility focused on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for electronic packaging.

The workshop came about after a previous visit to RIT and the center by representatives of Korean University, says Manian Ramkumar, director of the Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly. The internship program combines several RIT departments and colleges to provide the training sessions for the undergraduate students.

“This workshop is the first with Korean University of Technology towards developing a long-standing relationship,” Ramkumar says. “After visiting RIT, the university identified the center’s business model as one that could quickly develop, and it could successfully conduct this type of internship program. The success of this program will enable the Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly to conduct similar programs for participants from other countries.”

Along with daily workshops, students are touring a variety of laboratory facilities at RIT, including the Semiconductor and Microelectronics Fabrication Laboratory and the Toyota Production Systems Lab in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and the American Packaging Corporation Center for Packaging Innovation in the College of Applied Science and Technology. Faculty from both colleges will lead the workshops in electronics assembly, polymer characterization and fabrication of integrated circuits.