Opening of Global Village redefines campus living

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A. Sue Weisler

RIT community members have a new space to enjoy with the addition of Global Village, which officially opened its doors during a campus-wide celebration Sept. 30.

The opening of the $57 million Global Village residential and commercial complex on the west side of campus has opened new doors for students hoping to experience university living on a whole new level.

A grand opening ceremony was held Sept. 30 and featured a steel-band performance and tours of the complex.

“When I arrived at RIT in 2007, the university was already an international player,” said President Bill Destler during the Sept. 30 dedication. “After all, we have relationships with more than 60 nations across the globe. Leading and preparing students for successful careers in a global society is the crux of our university mission statement. But something was missing on our main campus in Henrietta—until now. Global Village will provide a unique environment for RIT students as they prepare to enter the global community, travel overseas and join a culturally diverse workforce.”

Rachael Huwyler, a senior majoring in biomedical sciences with an electrical engineering minor, moved into Global Village in August and won’t easily forget her first impression. 

“I couldn’t believe how distinctive the entire complex looked,” she says. “The design of Global Village has begun to create a unique sense of community on RIT’s campus. The number of windows used in all of the buildings really helps to make the area feel very open and allow for an easier sense of access to what’s happening in the other buildings.”

Huwyler isn’t alone in her sentiments. Students have been overheard commenting that Global Village housing feels like living in an upscale Manhattan hotel. With unique décor reminiscent of global regions, students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are in tune with the fact that Global Village has become the new “it” spot on campus.

“Not only is there a new restaurant nearby for dining, but there is also the opportunity for students to cook their own meals,” says Huwyler. “Whether they’d like to try something international from the new Global Market or just make something on their own, living in Global Village provides a lot of diverse living within each housing unit.”

Along with the new digs, commercial entities have opened including The Global Grille, featuring Mexican cuisine and fresh sushi, as well as a market offering an array of international foods and spices.

Greg Pollock, RIT Student Government president, echoed that sentiment. A fourth-year professional technical communication student, Pollock has studied abroad three times throughout his college career.

“The student experience is enhanced so much more when we’re allowed to believe in the true value of cultural exchange,” he stated. “This facility allows a mere taste of that sensation. Global Village is a symbol of RIT’s commitment to building a global community.” 

This winter, students will also be able to test their skills on the open-air ice skating rink or relax in the heated seating area; and in the spring and summer, can dig balls on the sand volleyball court.

Shear Global Salon, Hub Print and Postal, The Gallery Shop and a sports apparel outlet round out the courtyard’s offerings.