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Craig Messimer ’80, (KGCOE) started a business named Sundance Logos located in Rochester. “After 30-plus years of working on software systems, I have started a graphics design and logo wear business. Clients present us with an idea or sketch, and we design high resolution graphic images suitable for the highest quality screen printing and embroidered apparel and accessories. Our website is”

Daniel Dister ’78, ’80 (CIAS) is the chief information assurance officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C., and is responsible for the overall cyber protection of the Defense Intelligence Community global information system infrastructure. Previously, Daniel was employed at the Department of Homeland Security as the National Security Systems chief information security officer.


Toni Schuster ’79, ’81 (FAA) received a master of fine arts degree in visual communications in 2006 from the University of North Texas. She is the owner of Schuster Design Group and previously senior art director of internal publications for JCPenney Corp. Toni is currently the assistant director of the School of Design at The Art Institute of Dallas. Other accomplishments include certifications with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, The Cooper Institute, and the American Council of Exercise earning the recognition as an international top 10 instructor. The publication of her first fictional novel Merging Currents can be found at


Jane Stevens ’82 (CIAS) had her most recent project published in Fraction Magazine, an online juried publication of fine art photography. The work, Seeking Perfection: Traditional Apple Growing in Japan, examines the labor-intensive way in which the Japanese grow apples. Stevens, a professor of fine arts at the University of Cincinnati, photographed the orchards in Aomori Prefecture over the course of two growing seasons. janealdenstevens

Robert Stewart ’82 (NTID) worked for nine years as a technical laboratory specialist for IBM in Owego, N.Y., until the plant closed. Shortly afterward, Robert moved to Dothan, Ala., working as a DC/AC motor tester for General Electric Corp., until that plant closed eight years later. Robert then went on to become a cobalt evaporation technician and maintenance technician at Sony for six years, the economy closing this plant as well. Robert says his next chapter will be as a full-time student at Enterprise-Ozark Community College where he will be studying to become an avionics and powerplant technician. Robert and his wife, Carmen, are happy to say their three children and four grandchildren are all doing very well.


Robert Bianchi ’83 (CIAS) writes, “After 25 years in the fire service, I retired in May 2010. I was a fire lieutenant/medic with Nashua Fire Rescue in N.H. I am now the building maintenance supervisor of the Masonic Building and properties here in Nashua. Greetings to my old roomie Dan Troy.”

Gerald Hoffman ’81, ’83 (CIAS) writes, “Thank you so much to Alumni Relations for making the connection with Bob Manganelli ’83 (CIAS). We were best friends during our RIT years and then lost contact. For the past nine years, I have been working with Nelson Vigneault ’81 (CIAS). The company is called CleanPix. CleanPix is a digital asset management service providing an affordable solution for public relations and marketing to manage media files. I am also working in Brazil to facilitate opening connections for CleanPix in that country and performing camera work for a documentary. For the past few years, I have been working with at-risk youth in Salvador, Brazil, and Santiago, Dominican Republic, introducing photography to them as a means to understand and translate their world.”


Martha Dimeo ’84, (CIAS) recently joined the New England Chapter of American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) and was interviewed for July’s Member Profile on the chapter’s Facebook page. The interview included questions about career path, finding inspiration, and her work as a photographer and imaging specialist.

Jean Guck Graupman ’82, ’84 (CAST) is the executive director for Friends to School of the Arts in Rochester.

Robert J. Gerace ’84 (CAST) is a licensed associate broker working in Batavia, N.Y., for Bob Harris Realty LLC. “The firm started in 1956. My family took over the business in 1986. I received my real estate license in 1989. After the downsizing of ITTA/Valeo in Rochester in 2003, where I was a mold maker for 13 years working in product development/Model Shop, I went full time into the real estate market.”

Lori Baldwin ’84 (CLA) was recently promoted to director of safety and security at Rochester School District.

Alan Wyffels ’84 (CAST) has started an engineering sales firm. The company is called Precision Air Systems, LLC and is located in Rochester serving the local and upstate New York area. Precision Air Systems LLC offers industrial and commercial HVAC products. In addition to sales, Alan is involved in design-building projects.

Irene (Sawall) Barber ’84 (SCB) is excited about her new business venture, Trinity Lane Vacation Rental. Visit and look for the picture of the Red Carriage House on the Cayuga Lake listing.


Robert Fetter ’85 (KGCOE) was employed as a U.S. Navy captain and recently retired from active duty after 25 years of service. Fetter most recently served at Naval Exchange Service Command, Virginia Beach, Va.

Alex Bruski ’85 (CIAS) started a new company, Jerimiah Publications, in Bonney Lake, Wash. Alex also owns and operates AJ Enterprises as a handyman. Three years ago, Alex left his position at Tharco Box as maintenance technician III. “After 30 years in the industry, and with the passing of my father, I decided to make a change. I am running my own company as a handyman and have recently started a new endeavor as an electronic book publisher. I have been enjoying the semi-retirement and the new slower pace. If you have a book you would like to get published, please contact me.”


Mahmoud Gimie ’86 (CAST) has been working for the last 12 years with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as a patent examiner in internal combustion engines. Previously, he worked with Lockheed Martin in the computer science field. “Soon after, I realized my passion is in engineering and received a master of mechanical engineering degree and worked for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. I am happily married and have children.”

Kenneth Murphy ’86 (NTID) has written a book, Mississippi, State of Blues: A commentary on the state of the blues in the state of the blues. The book includes an essay by blues historian Scott Barretta and photographs by Ken Murphy. It is published by Proteus Publishing and Ken Murphy Publishing, Jackson, Miss.


Kenneth Vorndran ’86 (CLA), ’88 (KGCOE) was recently promoted to director of hardware engineering at ChemImage, Pittsburgh, Pa.

W. David Dougherty ’88 (KGCOE) writes, “My previous company, Intrinsity Inc., Austin, Texas,was acquired by Apple Inc. in April 2010.


Daniel Shafer ’89 (KGCOE) is the director of instrumentation, electronics, and sustainment programs at BAE Systems, Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Prior to that, Daniel was employed at Blackbaud Inc. as a senior program manager. “In addition to enjoying the challenges of a new job, I am also enjoying the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast with my lovely bride and two children.”

Gloria Betlem ’89 (CIAS) a Livonia artist, developed a passion for letting her art tell stories for land at risk. She published a book in 2007, Hemlock and Canadice Lakes, featuring her paintings and her husband, Kent Divers’ photography. While visiting her family in Florida, Gloria was offered the opportunity to have a solo exhibition of her work at Leesburg Center for the Arts. The show, titled “Wild Florida: The Preserved, The Restored and The Vanishing,” required a great deal more research which kept her deeply immersed in learning the most telling issues of the Florida biota. Now the exhibition will be available for viewing in her Livonia studio. You can get a glimpse of her work at