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W. Eugenia “Gene” Grant Mazzara ’40 (SCB) was presented with the 2010 Scholarship Fund Award by the Family & Children’s Association Board of Trustee chair Patricia Pryor-Bonica in honor of her many years of generosity and compassion. Gene has been giving back to the community of Bethpage, N.Y., since 1953 and is a loved and respected member. The award was presented to Gene on June 23, 2010, which also happens to be the very month she turned 90. Gene plans to retire to do all the other things she wants to do.


Norman Biggart ’49 (GAP) proudly credits his military experience and RIT for his long and successful career. Having traveled all over the world, joining three mineral clubs, being an active member in the Imaging Science and Technology Society, the Commercial and Industrial Photographers of New England, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the Inventors Association of New England, along with serving on several archaeological and historical societies, Biggart also accepted an appointed position with the Burlington Historical Commission. As a retiree, he continues to enjoy life by remaining active with mineral clubs, archaeology associations, working on his own personal history project and his appointed position.