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Brian Shapiro ’62 (FAA) offers his painting, Generations, as an ambitious attempt at placing his personal contemporary life within this vast canvas of memory. The painting chronologically begins with the Binding of Isaac and ends with the artist today, all on one 44-by-58-inch canvas. This kind of pictorial program spanning 3,800 years in one visual field is unique in Western art.


Lou Jacobson ’64 (GAP) and Sandy Jacobson are happy to announce their marriage on June 5, 2010, in Old Bridge, N.J. They currently reside in Neptune, N.J., and honeymooned in Italy, touring the Amalfi Coast.


Donald Bjorkman ’65 (FAA) writes, “Well, I’m getting older now and I live in Mill Creek, Wash. My wife died five years ago. She worked in the library while I worked on my MFA and in the summers I did carpenter work. Now I have a beautiful little home with half of my garage turned into a workshop. When I’m not in there, I am spending time in my yard or going to Starbucks.” He is pictured here with his dog, Tobey.


Stephen Cooper ’66 (GAP) and Amy Weinstein ’79 (GAP) are happy to announce their marriage on April 26, 2010, at New York’s City Hall. They currently reside in New York City. They honeymooned in Italy.

Jonathan Brooks ’66 (FAA) will present his first retrospective exhibition of his work at the Currier Museum of Art this spring. For 40 years, Brooks has been a leading member of the American studio furniture movement. Known for his playful and poetic imagery as well as for his exploration of the line between function and art, his work is inspired by and constructed from the trunks, limbs and branches of trees harvested from the forest surrounding his New Boston, N.H., home. To get more information, go to www.currier.org.

F. William “Bill” Scanlon ’66 (GAP) writes, “Here’s a picture of the ‘Four Amigos’ at Tom Bullington’s place in the woods outside of Durham, N.C. Left to right are: me, Tom Bullington, Dick Zakia ’56 (GAP) and Dave Page ’66 (GAP).” The four gathered to celebrate Dick Zakia and co-author Dave Page’s new publication, Photographic Composition.


Pamela Baier King ’69 (FAA) writes, “I was a graphic designer for over 27 years and now I have a new career as a reporter for the Aitkin Independent Age newspaper in Aitkin, Minn. It’s wonderful to embark on a new and exciting career path at this stage in my life. I write hard news and I also have a column. I am in the process of writing a book along with two other women about grief, loss and friendship. I have also written over 100 Haiku poems. My oldest daughter lives in Rochester and my son and youngest daughter live in Denver, Colo.”