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This is the original logo of The Corner. John Henze ’74 remembers the logo being screen-printed on light lavender shirts. (He isn’t sure why they picked that color.) “We all wore them to every game just as they do today. They pretty much said this is our corner of the rink and don’t you dare sit here ever!”

Proud to be original member of The Corner

My name is John Henze, class of 1974 Fine and Applied Arts. I just finished reading the stories in the spring issue of the RIT magazine, and I just have to set the record straight once and for all. While the story about the new rink was wonderful and enlightening, there is a major discrepancy that must be addressed that happens to be common to both the story on the new rink and the story about the Grim Reaper at the end of the magazine.

To put it bluntly, The Corner was not started in the ’80s by Steve Schultz and his friends. Sure, they started something special on that crazy night back in 1982, but it was not the beginning of The Corner. 

The Corner was in fact started by a number of students, myself included, back in 1969-1970. We didn’t have nearly as many followers as there are now, but I bet we were nearly as vocal. This was before glass was put in all the way around the rink, and to be frank, we really got into the game. Sometimes quite literally. 

Of course, the Corner Crew of today is much more organized than we were. Their cheers are better. They are a sight to behold, and be proud of, what with the matching jerseys and all. But we were the first to have shirts. We all wore T-shirts with a logo on it and we were very proud of it. As I am sure they all are now.

John Henze ’74, Portland, Conn.

I have read in your publication that Mr. Steve Schultz has been given credit as being the founder of the “Corner Crew” during the 1982-1983 hockey season. While I would not challenge the reported activities on Halloween weekend that year, the corner crew was already in existence over a decade prior to that season.  

As a hockey alumnus from 1970-1974, I can tell you that there was a very active, boisterous and sometimes obnoxious fan club that attended every game and sat in that same corner.  

Our opponents often commented on how intimidating they were. They conducted organized cheers aimed at opposing goaltenders as well as the officials. Most of their activities were just spirited vocal support for a bunch of “walk on” players that loved the game and enjoyed playing in front of the students, families and friends.

Marty Reeners ’74, Penfield, N.Y.

Peace Corps tribute

As one of 78 RIT graduates having served in the Peace Corps, I want to commend the editors and author, Kathy Lindsley, for the article in the Spring 2011 magazine on the Peace Corps and the RIT graduates that have served in this wonderful agency.

One other RIT grad and I served together as Peace Corps volunteers in India. Both of us were printing management graduates.

I graduated in 1958 and Walter Haan graduated, I believe, in 1962. We were members of the second group to serve in India from 1962-1964.

My wife and I are taking our granddaughter, who is 11 years old, to Washington, D.C., to participate in the main celebration of the 50th Peace Corps anniversary, Sept. 22-25. If any RIT grads who served will be there at that time, please let me know and maybe we could arrange to get together and share stories about our experiences in both the Peace Corps and RIT.

Gary Lefkowitz ’58, Congers, N.Y.

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