A familiar face on campus ready to lead again

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A. Sue Weisler

Greg Pollock, fourth-year professional and technical communication major and Student Government president, is back to lead the student community for another year.

You might see him at every hockey game cheering as a member of the Corner Crew. You might interact with him at events and programs throughout the academic year.

And you might see him addressing members of the audience at convocation, orientation and commencement.

No, it’s not Ritchie the Tiger. It’s Greg Pollock, RIT’s Student Government president.

Serving his second term as president, Pollock is a fourth-year professional and technical communication major who bleeds orange and brown.

However, as a junior in high school, Pollock had not even heard of RIT until a teacher from his hometown of Pittsburgh introduced him to the university.

The first time Pollock pulled into RIT’s main entrance, he looked up and saw the silhouette of RIT’s buildings against the night sky. He turned to his mother and declared, “This is my place.”

“I didn’t need any affirmation or reason, I just had that gut feeling,” says Pollock.

When not in class, Pollock spent his first year sleeping in late and playing video games with friends. As a second-year student, he became more involved as a resident advisor, peer tutor and by taking part in a study-abroad program in Italy. With the encouragement of friends, Pollock ran for NTID Student Congress president and later Student Government vice president—getting elected on both occasions.

“My friends were always there to give me that extra push and be supportive,” says Pollock. “Plus, I’m the kind of person that likes to grab opportunities.”

Opportunity presented itself on a co-op in Kenya, where Pollock helped set up a leadership camp for deaf Kenyan high school students with Global Reach Out Initiative. Upon his return to the States last summer, he learned that his running mate was stepping down, allowing Pollock to become Student Government president.

“It was important to me that we came back and hit the ground running. I did not want to have any setbacks,” says Pollock.

As president, Pollock focused on strengthening the relationship between the Student Government Cabinet and Senate, as well as the relationship between Student Government, students and administration.

“He has a unique gift for making everyone feel like they are a part of the RIT community,” says Mary-Beth Cooper, senior vice president for student affairs. “I’m delighted that he will represent the student voice for another year.”

“Coming back this year we want to move forward and be aggressive,” says Pollock. “We are hoping to start a Tiger bike rental program, put laundry timers online, add an eatery in Booth Hall and establish a multicultural center that celebrates culture differences and perspectives.”

Pollock’s last year will be busy as he works for Student Government, completes his undergraduate thesis and prepares for graduation. After RIT, he plans to attend graduate school to study higher education administration.

“I’ve realized that I really love working with college students. Not because I’m a student myself, but because it keeps you dynamic and happy,” says Pollock. “I would like to work for student affairs someday, and if that brings me back to RIT, that would be amazing.”