Over the rainbow

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A. Sue Weisler

The ring sculpture I made was from my Introduction to Sculpture class with Elizabeth Kronfield, one of the greatest teachers in RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences. She assigned the class to find more than three objects that don’t have any connection, and we were supposed to recreate those objects into one masterpiece. My objects: decorated apples, wood and a spiral ring and yarn. I decided to make a giant ring that represents gay marriage. The theme came from a deep conversation I had with my boyfriend in which we discussed Adam and Eve and the apples of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The wine cup, symbolizing celebration, sits atop a rainbow-colored wooden bridge that symbolizes my support for people’s alternative lifestyles and their right to cross to meet their destination. I thought it was great to have all the parts of my objects incorporated to show my support of gay marriage. The painting behind the ring is called Rainbow Flag and is in support of gay pride.