Chloe in wonderland

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Zac Retz

The piece on the left was a commission from a family who asked for a painting of their daughter, Chloe, in a fantasy environment. The family told me that they wanted something sweet and cute—and of course, what’s cuter than pink bunnies? I created this using a mindset that I have with most of my work. I like to make images that are not seen in everyday life—unusual, but believable. Hello, Bunnies, really shows one aspect of Chloe’s personality and how she enjoys life.

The painting below, Bug Eater, was a personal project. My goal was to paint something with more of a three-dimensional look to it. I wanted to keep the forms simple and try to replicate a macro-photo-lens effect. I wasn’t concerned too much with detail—just in the most important parts of the drawing.