N.Y.C. alumni navigate the news

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A. Sue Weisler

Becky Brubaker ’93 talks with James Watters, center, senior vice president of finance and administration, and RIT trustee Arthur Gosnell.

In an age where information is delivered in an instant, journalists can’t make mistakes.

“Everything depends on credibility,” says Tom Curley ’77, president and CEO of The Associated Press. “If you have credibility, you can charge a premium.”

Curley, who in January announced plans to retire, was a panelist at “Navigating the News with RIT,” an event for alumni Jan. 26 at the New York Yacht Club in New York City.

Other participants included Becky Brubaker ’93, vice president for operations for the Tribune Co., and Katie Linendoll ’05, a technology expert for CNN and the CBS Early Show. William Snyder ’81, four-time Pulitzer prize-winning photojournalist and program chair for photojournalism, moderated the event. Kathleen Anderson ’94, president of the Alumni Association, welcomed participants.

Linendoll says getting it right is critical but not all that’s needed in today’s world.

“You have to be a personality, have a brand, to have people listen to you,” she says. “Everybody is a journalist. With all of this content out there, you really have to separate yourself.”

Linendoll says there is an old and new guard in terms of how fast technology is used. The new guard cuts through the layers and implements ideas instead of talking about them.

But staying on the cutting edge can be a challenge, Brubaker says. “My running joke is I’m so young to be so old.”

RIT Trustee Arthur Gosnell, chairman and CEO of Stonehurst Capital Inc., sponsored the event. More than 7,000 alumni live in the New York City area. To learn about alumni activities in your city, go to www.rit.edu/alumniactivities.