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On your RIT bucket list

In the winter issue, we ran a list of 99 things to do before you graduate. We asked readers to share what’s on their lists. Here are some responses.

The last and most important thing to do before you graduate is the following: Go to the alumni office and… 1. Leave your forwarding address. 2. Commit to give a $15 gift to RIT for each of the following five years. 3. Commit to return to RIT for your fifth reunion. 4. Commit to the alumni office to be a volunteer for your class to help achieve 100 percent participation in the annual fund.

Fred W. Plank ’62 (printing)

Figure out what imaging science is.

Joe Pow, associate director, Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science

Get your picture taken “gowned-up” in the cleanroom!

Robert E. Pearson, director, microelectronic engineering programs

Remembering a classmate

I was shocked and dismayed on reading about the death of Dave Page ’66, a classmate and fraternity brother. I was one of those tiger handlers, a founding brother of Xi Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. I have kept in touch with several members of our group over the years, although I hadn’t spoken to Dave in a number of years. I knew he had retired from Duke and had some health issues, but it still comes as quite a shock to lose someone your age whom you knew well, even many years ago.

I recall one anecdote I will share with you. A number of us were at the zoo exercising Spirit in the building where he lived, and Roger Kramer ’65 (photography) thought it would be fun to run down the hall and let Spirit chase him.

Well, Spirit did chase him and did catch him, by the heel of his sneaker. When we managed to get the sneaker out of his mouth, we found his teeth had gone all the way through the heel and almost touched. Had he caught Roger just an inch higher, it would have been his foot. We all had a good laugh, except Roger.

Robert Frank ’65 (photo illustration)

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