Massimo Vignelli to host Master Designer Workshop

World-renowned designer to lead workshop at Vignelli Center for Design Studies

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A. Sue Weisler

Designer Massimo Vignelli is leading the Master Designer Workshop 2012 from July 22 to July 29 in the Vignelli Center for Design Studies.

Don’t tell world-renowned designer Massimo Vignelli he’s retired.

Vignelli remains hands-on in the industry as he leads the Master Designer Workshop 2012, from July 22 to July 29 in the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT.

“It is an intense week of creative work for the participants, working on an applied project side by side with master designer Massimo Vignelli,” says R. Roger Remington, RIT’s Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design. “The workshop annually stimulates and encourages designers from around the globe to come to RIT and grow in this special environment.”

The workshop will be a rigorous, hands-on week that will give attendees the opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of typographic decision-making, an analytical design process for exploring typographic problem-solving and enhanced skills to achieve more effective graphic design solutions.

The workshop is targeted for graphic design practitioners and educators as well as working design professionals.

The Vignelli Center for Design Studies opened its doors in 2010 at RIT and is named after iconic international designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli. The Vignellis’ work is now a permanent archive at the design center on the campus of RIT. The center’s goals are to advocate design excellence at RIT and beyond through innovative programming, supported by extensive archival holdings of design exemplars.

For more info on the workshop, go to the workshop’s website.