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Shelby Hill ’12 � (journalism) covered the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards as an intern at the Los Angeles Bureau of Fox News.

Not many interns spend their second day on the job with a television crew on the Red Carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes. But for Shelby Hill ’12 (journalism), it was just one of the perks she experienced as an intern at the Los Angeles Bureau of Fox News. Hill accompanied camera crews to the Academy Awards and movie premieres, and she spent every Thursday night backstage at American Idol.

It was a dream opportunity, and she got it by applying to every internship she could find. “I applied to so many internships that were out of my ballpark. I thought maybe they’ll call me, maybe they’ll give me an interview,” she says.

A highlight of her internship was a solo interview she conducted with Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges. “I was so nervous,” says Hill, a native of Rochester. “He was so nice. It was fast-paced, three questions and we were in and out.”

Hill completed a second internship in Los Angeles as a production assistant at E! True Hollywood Story and E! Investigates, where she logged footage of interviews, wrote scripts, searched photo databases and researched show topics.

Hill, who is entertaining a job offer from E!, wants to pursue a career in sports or entertainment news.