1950s - 1960s

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Neil Montanus ’53 (GAP) was honored by an exhibition of his photographic achievements at RIT’s University Gallery from Nov. 28 to Feb. 22. Montanus, one of Kodak’s most illustrious photographers, has a portfolio that includes 55 of the massive Kodak Coloramas, numerous celebrity portraits and his most recent work—the bacteriographs.


Kevin Gilson ’64 (GAP) relocated to Ann Arbor, Mich., last spring. In his semi-retirement, he continues to conduct ISO 9001 audits for Colorado-based Orion Registrar. He was elected president of the Ann Arbor Recorder Society and continues his 32-year affiliation with Consort Anon., a Maryland-based early music performing group.


Annette (Bellavia) Hills ’66 (CCE) released her first album, Annette Hills Sings, in 2009. Her second album, Inspirations From Annette Hills, won the Album of the Year Award in 2012 from Catholic Music Express. She also was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year and her version of “The Prayer” was nominated for Best Song of the Year. She released her third album in January. For details, go to www. annettehills.com.

Wallace Stuart ’66 (GAP) received the Dottie Grover Leadership Award at the 2012 Honors Awards ceremony of the New Hampshire Coalition for Community Media. The coalition is a statewide, nonprofit organization formed to support public, educational and government access television in New Hampshire.


James “Jed” Dertinger ’67 (GAP) retired from The Ohio State University in Columbus. “After 45 years of private and public sector employment, I have chosen to take the ‘y’ in the road marked retirement. Karen and I plan to travel, hone stained-glass skills, continue university classes, volunteer and develop a better golf game.”


Jan Detanna ’68 (FAA) and his doo-wop group, Deke and The Blazers, were asked to sing at the funeral of Cleve Duncan. Duncan was the lead singer of The Penguins on the classic ballad, “Earth Angel.” Deke and The Blazers had been backing Duncan on several national tour shows until his sudden death on Nov. 6.