Student Affairs Awards recognize excellence and commitment of faculty and staff

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A. Sue Weisler

RIT’s Division of Student Affairs has recognized faculty and staff for their exceptional contributions to foster RIT spirit. The Student Affairs Recognition Awards ceremony, held May 21, acknowledged those who embody the mission and goals of the division, including collaboration, inclusiveness, student development, student success and communication.

Outstanding Service Award winners are:

Sarah Griffith, assistant director for Clubs and Community Outreach, and Rebecca Delaney, assistant director of Marketing and Event Services – New Staff Outstanding Service Award for exceptional staff members who have fewer than five years of service in their field.

Gwen Van Laeken, assistant to the director in RIT’s Leadership Institute and Community Service Center – Outstanding Support Service Award, given for exceptional staff support.

Susan Northrup, kindergarten teacher at Margaret’s House – Excellence in Service Award.

The New Student Orientation Program – Vice President’s Award for Excellence in Innovation.

Eileen Feeney Bushnell, an associate professor in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences and coordinator of the 2D Design Program – Faculty Award for Promoting Learning Outside of the Classroom, given to faculty members outside of the division who contribute to student development and success through support in activities outside the classroom.

Mary Ann McQuay, Dining Services registered dietitian – Outstanding University Partner Award, given to a member of the university outside of student affairs who has provided exceptional help or support to the achievement of the mission and goals of student affairs.

The ceremony also recognized various student affairs teams who collaborate to work across administrative boundaries.

“The awards are one way the division celebrates and shows appreciation for the excellent work of our employees,” says Molly McGowan, director of RIT’s Leadership Institute and Community Service Center. “It has become a favorite tradition and helps build our community spirit.”

Teams awarded the Cross-Departmental Collaborative Team Recognition are:

The Event Management Team for The Link, with members Rebecca Delaney, William St. Jean, Rob Eckhardt, Donna Rubin, Jodi Boita and Thomas DeMao.

The Link Marketing Team, with members Rebecca Delaney, Marc Goldman, Hannah Fessler, Jessica Hooper, Amy Fisher and Colleen Johnson.

The Northeast LGBT Conference, with coordinators Henry Hinesley, Kerry Hughes, Nicole Crouse-Dickerson, Cha Ron Sattler, Rauncie Ryan, Diane Cinney, Bryan Lloyd, Stephanie Paredes, Quinn Karley, Karen Pelc, Madeline Williams, Darci Williams, Tristan Wright, Jillian Strobeck, David Yip, Ishmael Applewhite, Connor Adsit, Keila Castillo, Falicia Baa Adomako, Sarah Funke, Robb Dooling, Matthew Holbein, Sam Richheimer and Paul Sira.

The Collegiate Link Administrative Implementation Team, with members Bill St. Jean, Colleen Johnson, Eric Pope, Kerry Hughes, Marc Goldman, Sarah Griffith and John Weas.

English Language Center and Pathways Shared Class Experience Team, with members Deborah Scott, Amy Fisher, Neil Ward, Enid Stevenson, Joshua Snyder, Linda Pratt, Lisa Swovick, Lori Nolasco, Peggy Osenbach, Peter Carpenter and Tanya Schueler.

English Language Center and Student Learning Support and Assessment Website Development Team, with members Caitlin Foley and Jessica Hooper.

High-Risk Treatment Team, with members Raquel Bateman, Kayla Jackson, Phil Lavine, Mark Miles and Donna Rubin.