RIT alumni collaborate on patriotic poster

Graphic design and printing alumni work together to create ‘Freedom Poster’

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Provided by Kevin Hall and George Platt

Created by two RIT alumni, the Freedom Poster is meant to salute and pay homage to freedom in America.

While taking a tour of New York City, Kevin Hall ’77 (communication design) and his wife, Barbee Joy, stopped by the Statue of Liberty to take photographs as any tourists might do. After returning home from the trip and reviewing his photographs of the statue, Hall found one of them to be particularly inspiring.

The picture featured a view of the Statue of Liberty against a near-perfect blue sky. Hall was so moved by the photo that he arranged to have it reproduced as an enlarged print to be framed and mounted. He contacted his friend and fellow RIT alumnus George Platt ’76 (printing management), who is the president of Harty Integrated Solutions, a printing company in New Haven, Conn. Together they created what they now call the Freedom Poster.

“The purpose of the Freedom Poster is to salute and pay homage to our freedom here in America,” says Hall, who owns Kevin Hall Design. “It communicates how this great country we live in offers all of us the freedom and opportunity to reach out and pursue our goals and dreams.”

The poster includes a quote by Albert Einstein that reads, “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” Hall and Platt intend for the poster to be used in school classrooms, government agencies and corporate offices.

“George and I were both very satisfied to have produced something special and meaningful together,” says Hall. “Having that RIT connection enabled us to work well together and the process of reaching out to another RIT alumnus was a rewarding experience which resulted in a very positive collaborative initiative.”

Platt says that he is excited to share the poster with his clients, and he looks forward to the prospect of a promotional mailing for the Fourth of July. “It was a pleasure collaborating with Kevin,” he says.

Click here to see a high-resolution image of the poster.