1940s - 1960s

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Ann Marie (Humphries) Hartwig ’45 (GAP) writes, “I have been living in the Philadelphia, Pa., area for more than 50 years and in the same house where our three sons grew up. With my best friend Joe, I’m loving all that one can do in this town. I value the experience at RIT (at the old campus during the war years), the fabulous professors and wonderful classmates.”


Jerilyn Wright ’52 (GAP), photographer, of Wilmington, N.Y., was presented with the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup Nominee title in the category of abstract at a Nomination and Winners Photoshow for the second year.


James Allen ’53 (KGCOE) and his wife, Alice, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day.


Rodney Brower ’57 (GAP) has relocated to Mesa, Ariz. He is active as a home-based travel consultant and can be reached by email at rod.loisbrowertravel@gmail.com.


Donald Boyle ’61 (GAP) and his wife, Joan (Button) Boyle ’61 (COS), enjoyed a six-week vacation to Australia. They will celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary in September. They have four children, seven grandchildren and one great grandson.

Edward Catapane ’61 (GAP) is enjoying retirement in Florida after working for the IRS for more than 12 years. Before that he worked for Manny Manicone Printing for more than 10 years and with RR Donnelly for about five years. He has been married to his wife, Barbara, for 56 years. His email is edcat611@gmail.com.


Bruce James ’62 (GAP) writes, “I was indeed honored to receive CIAS’s Distinguished Alumni award on April 12. In addition, I will receive the Distinguished Nevadan award on May 17 from the Nevada System of Higher Education. Perhaps getting older is not all that bad.”


Carolyn (Martin) Koepke ’66 (SCB) writes, “Had a grand reunion at Melba’s wedding to Robert Schiffli of Waterloo, Ind. All three were roommates in the old Kate Gleason Hall.”

Allen Nash ’66 (SCB) has been retired nearly 15 years from Xerox where he was a materials manager/new products manager. He was president of Gates Library Friends board for six years and a volunteer at Spencerport schools and Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.


Stephen Shore ’69 (GAP) has accepted the volunteer position of publisher for Jamboree Today, the daily newspaper for the eight-day, once-every-four-year National Boy Scout Jamboree. For the first time, the Boy Scouts will publish online only with a website and a smartphone app.