RIT’s Zagreb campus moves to new facility in Croatian Capital

University’s growth continues in Europe

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RIT’s American College of Management and Technology opened 13,000 square feet of new space as part of a new commercial and residential development in Novi (New) Zagreb.

Students at RIT’s American College of Management and Technology (ACMT) campus in Zagreb, Croatia, are enjoying a new home this academic year. ACMT opened 13,000 square feet of new space as part of a new commercial and residential development in Novi (New) Zagreb, an expanding area in the capital city. RIT leaders will join Croatian government officials and ACMT students, faculty and staff in a dedication ceremony on Oct. 1.

The Zagreb campus, which opened in 2011 in space rented from Croatian Catholic University, offers undergraduate degrees in information technology and international business and a graduate degree in service leadership and innovation targeting working professionals. ACMT was established in 1995 with a campus in the city of Dubrovnik, which today offers undergraduate degrees in international hospitality and service management, as well as information technology.

Key features in the new Zagreb campus include a 110-seat auditorium, modern computer labs and video conferencing facilities to connect Zagreb and Dubrovnik campuses to each other, and in the future, back to the main RIT campus in the United States.

“This shows that we are committed to our long-term future in Croatia and Europe,” said Don Hudspeth, president and dean of ACMT. “Having two facilities in Croatia, which are completely under our own control, sends a strong message to the market.”

ACMT’s enrollment is now 542 students; 285 students in Zagreb and 257 in Dubrovnik.

“The new campus is a nice complement to the Dubrovnik campus,” added Hudspeth. “Zagreb is a new and modern-looking building in a continental European city setting, and Dubrovnik is a fully renovated 1895 Austro-Hungarian facility situated in the smaller medieval Adriatic city along the sea.”

“For the past 16 years, RIT has played an important role in the recovery and growth of Croatia’s tourism industry,” said Jim Myers, associate provost for international education and global programs. “With our programs in Zagreb, and its proximity to the capitals of central Europe, we have an exciting opportunity to play an equally significant role in the advancement of the country’s IT sector and Croatia’s integration into the European economic and business community.”

About ACMT

Established in 1995, the American College of Management and Technology is the only educational institution in Croatia granting two diplomas—a Croatian degree and an American degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. With campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, RIT/ACMT attracts students from Croatia and around the world. Currently, 30 percent of the student body is international students, with more than 70 students each year coming from RIT’s main campus to study at ACMT. All courses are taught in English by American (including some from Rochester) and Croatian professors, along with other international faculty.