House of General Science ‘War Pigs’ is on the warpath against arthritis

War Pigs = Capture the Flag + Nerf Blasters

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War Pigs logo: Alexander Offredi

RIT’s House of General Science, logo at left, is hosting War Pigs, logo at right, a two-day event that combines the outdoor game Capture the Flag with Nerf Blasters.

RIT’s House of General Science is hosting War Pigs, a two-day event that combines the outdoor game Capture the Flag with Nerf Blasters. The game will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct. ­5 and from 1 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 6, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Rochester branch of the Arthritis Foundation.

War Pigs organizer Alexander Offredi, a fourth-year mechanical engineering major from Monroe, Conn., anticipates 600 student participants. For the last two years, the 40 members of the House of General Science have played the game with rules Offredi created.

After three years, Offredi no longer lives in the House of General Science, though he remains a mentor to its members. He began organizing the War Pigs event last spring with the help of House of General Science vice president Mitch Goepel, a second-year mechanical engineering major, and treasurer John Mooney, a second-year applied mathematics major.

Offredi was inspired to turn his game into a large-scale fundraiser for arthritis research after reading about similar awareness-raising events held in Michigan.

“I’ve called the Rochester division of the foundation,” Offredi says. “My point of contact is Kenneth Rice, director of community development, and he loves the idea of the event. The foundation is on board.”

Unlike the sprawling Humans vs. Zombies battle, War Pigs will play out on the residential side of campus. And instead of armbands, neon pink or orange bandanas tied at the neck will identify active team members.

“When they are tagged, they remove their bandana and go to jail,” Offredi explains. “They can put their bandanas back on and continue playing when rescued from jail by a teammate.”

Moderators, including Offredi, wearing brightly colored War Pigs T-shirts, will ensure fair and safe play as the teams vie for each other’s flag. No modified blasters are allowed. Likewise, ammunition is restricted to foam darts.

The cost of participation is $5 per player, and $6 on the day of the event. The Arthritis Foundation will receive $3 from each entry fee; the remainder will recoup the cost of the bandanas, Offredi says.

RIT students can register to play War Pigs by emailing Offredi at