RIT anthropologist’s wine and culture book named Gourmand awards finalist

Robert Ulin hopes his book will be named ‘The Best in the World’ May 20

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Wine and Culture: Vineyard to Glass, co-edited by RIT anthropology professor Robert Ulin, is a finalist for a Gourmand International award.

Wine and Culture: Vineyard to Glass—co-edited by RIT anthropology professor Robert Ulin—is a finalist for the distinguished Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards in “The Best in the World–Drinks Writing” category. Ulin’s book—already named by Gourmand International as the best book in the United Kingdom in the category of writing about drink—was selected as a finalist out of 121 entries and will compete against five other books published from around the globe, including Argentina, Brazil, China, France and Spain. The award will be announced in Beijing on May 20.

The collection of essays—co-edited by Rachel Black—explores the cultural, social and historical conditions through which wine is produced and represented and shows how wine offers a window into cultural, social, political and economic issues throughout the world.

“Every author has the hope that his or her book will have a receptive audience,” said Ulin. “My co-editor and I were delighted and honored to learn that our book was named for the Gourmand award as the best for the United Kingdom in the category of writing about drink. To be moved to the next stage as one of six for the global award is simply fantastic. It is great to have both a scholarly and popular appeal.”

Ulin has also written Vintages and Traditions and numerous articles on the anthropology of wine and he is known for his work on hermeneutics, or the theory of text interpretation, critical theory and historical anthropology.