Student Affairs Awards 2014 recognize excellence and commitment of faculty and staff

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A. Sue Weisler

RIT’s Division of Student Affairs has recognized faculty and staff for their exceptional contributions to foster RIT spirit. The Student Affairs Recognition Awards ceremony, held Feb. 26, acknowledged those who embody the mission and goals of the division, including collaboration, inclusiveness, student development, student success and communication.

Outstanding Service Award winners include:

  • Belinda Bryce, director in the New York State Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)Excellence in Service Award
  • Alyson Jones, staff and financial assistant in the Disability Services Office – Outstanding Support Service Award, given for exceptional staff support.
  • Raquel Bateman, training coordinator and staff psychologist in RIT’s Counseling Center – New Staff Outstanding Service Award, for exceptional staff members who have fewer than five years of service in their field.
  • Tom Connelly, program director of RIT’s Interactive Adventures – Vice President’s Award for Excellence in Innovation.
  • Jake Noel-Storr, research assistant professor in the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science and head of the Insight Lab for Science Outreach and Learning Research – Faculty Award for Promoting Learning Outside of the Classroom, given to faculty members outside of the division who contribute to student development and success through support in activities outside the classroom.
  • The Office of Legal AffairsOutstanding University Partner Award, given to a member of the university outside of student affairs who has provided exceptional help or support to the achievement of the mission and goals of student affairs.

The ceremony also recognized various student affairs teams who collaborate to work across administrative boundaries.

“The awards are a great way to celebrate and show appreciation for the excellent work of our employees,” said Molly McGowan, director of RIT’s Leadership Institute and Community Service Center.

Teams awarded the Cross-Departmental Collaborative Team Recognition include:

  • Think About It Steering Committee, with members Jessica Ecock, Marc Goldman, Shawna Lusk, Amanda Metzger, Karen Pelc, Hannah Ramsey, Donna Rubin, Dawn Soufleris, Bill St. Jean and Amy Stornello.
  • Divisional Curriculum Committee, with members Donna Rubin, Nicole Boulais, Jessica Bowen, Michelle Schrouder, Jodi Boita, Tina Sturgis and Jackie Perez.
  • Gray Matter Planning Team, with members Adwoa Boateng, Mike D’Arcangelo, Henry Hinesley, Jake Hicks, Stephen Jacobs, Rebecca Johnson, Morgan Martins, Colette Shaw, Elizabeth Thebe and Lee Twyman.
  • The Codes Committee, with members Jeremy Babcock, Rachel Betron, Tammy Brongo, Elizabeth Chase, Chris Denninger, Stacy Derooy, Jessica Ecock, Dan Greer, Jonathan Ntheketha, Eric Pope, Ericka Smith-Schubart and Lee Twyman. Subcommittee members include, Pradeep Amanda, Sarah Griffith, Sharon Kompalla, Stephanie Krebbeks, Carla Pennello, Andy Schewe, Andrew Schubert, Lex Sleeman and Karen Pelc.