Vlipd app featured in Saunders College Business District during Imagine RIT

Create a collaborative video keepsake to share with family and friends

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Vlipd is a new social media app that will be showcased in the Business District during Imagine RIT. Visitors can record, collaborate and share video clips on their smartphones.

Here’s your chance to create your own story: A six-second video to connect with friends and family who can also add to the video and create a memorable short film clip to celebrate any occasion—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, music and sporting events, and everyday activities.

Vlipd is a new social media app that will be showcased in the Business District of Lowenthal Hall at Saunders College of Business during the Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival. Visitors will have the opportunity to record, collaborate and share video clips on their smartphones with family and friends.

They will also be able to meet the RIT interdisciplinary entrepreneurial team who created and designed the app: Donald Bradley, fifth-year manufacturing engineer student from Elizabeth, N.J.; Vladimir Perez, fourth-year finance major from the Dominican Republic; and Christopher Norman, fifth-year software engineer from Willingboro, N.J. The Vlipd team also includes Samuel Babalola, a second-year computer science major at Monroe Community College who hails from New Britain, Conn.

“We developed Vlipd, which we called VUSE at the time, during the 10-week Saunders Summers Startup program last year at RIT,” said CEO Perez, who graduates this May. “It’s the easiest way to connect with family and friends from all different locations.”

Bradley, the chief administrative officer of Vlipd, said the collaborative video will be especially appealing to middle and high school students who want to share short snippets of content with their peers—but unlike Snapchat, the video doesn’t perform a disappearing act.

“It’s a very simple app where a person tapes a six-second video, sends it to a friend in their contact list who will get a message on their phone screen that a Vlipd video has arrived,” Bradley explained. “The friend can add a message to the video and up to a total of five people can record until the clip is complete at 30 seconds.

“The Imagine RIT festival will offer a sneak preview for followers to get a taste of what’s coming. We believe those who use the Vlipd community will fall in love with our application and use it daily.”