RIT Press releases new book ‘No Words Posters’ by celebrated graphic designer

Armando Milani collected nearly 200 posters by more than 100 designers from around the world

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RIT Press

Armando Milani’s new book, No Words Posters, features posters by graphic designers from around the world. The military helmet with flowers (1962) is by Albe Steiner from Italy and the dove with military images (2000) is by Luba Lukova from the U.S.

A striking image without words can send a very powerful message.

Armando Milani is a well known graphic designer who creates visual art supporting great causes. He has curated nearly 200 posters by more than 100 designers from around the world for his new book, No Words Posters, published by RIT Press at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The posters confront the most crucial issues of our time, said Milani.

“They all have a common denominator—the ethical need to improve the quality of our life and society by encouraging dialogue and reflection about our humanity. The posters reflect the graphic designer’s ability to evoke the emotion and understanding without using any words because the symbols speak for themselves.”

R. Roger Remington, Vignelli Distinguished Professor at RIT, explained in the book’s foreword that Milani presents a form of “graphic design without borders.”

“This book is a treasure trove of images in which the designers intuitively signify many rhetorical devices,” said Remington. “For example, Albe Steiner’s poster with plants growing in a military helmet shows ambiguity. Mirko Ilk’s poster making a hangman’s noose from a cord to a computer mouse is an oxymoron. In this context again, Milani’s poster in which a cigarette transforms into a snake is a powerful message to stop smoking.”

Milani is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) and president of Milani Design, with offices located in Milan, Italy, and Provence, France. His previously published books include: Double Life, From the Eye to the Heart: 50 Logos/50 Posters, and 50 Poems of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and 50 Images of Armando Milani.

In 2003, Milani’s poster design “War/Peace” was selected for international distribution by the United Nations.

No Words Posters is available in hardcover for $49.95 at http://ritpress.rit.edu or by calling RIT Press at 585-475-6766.